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Reception Entrance Song Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

The Entrance Song is the song (or the series of songs!) played to kick off your reception! It is used to introduce your family, your wedding party, and you (as a newly-married couple!) to your wedding guests, and is typically played just before the first dance.

Many couples will split the entrance into two parts - first, the wedding party and family entrance, then the couple entrance. You can either choose a different song for each, or the same song for both.

We recommend choosing music that is not only meaningful to you, but is also high energy and upbeat. You can expect your band or DJ to play the most well-known and danceable sections of your song selections - whether it’s an instantly-recognizable instrumental motif, an iconic first verse, or the chorus everyone knows the words to. Your Entrance music selections will help set the tone for the entire reception, so let your guests know that you’re ready to dance the night away!

Listen to our hand-picked Spotify playlist here:

Top 40

Classic Rock/Pop Rock





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