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Mother Daughter Dance Song Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

While a Mother/Daughter dance isn’t considered a “traditional” special dance, The Metropolitan Players have seen some pretty spectacular Mother/Daughter pairings, including a fully choreographed dance to Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” We typically see the Mother/Daughter dance as an alternative to the Father/Daughter dance, or in addition to the Father/Daughter dance if the bride and her mother have a particularly close relationship!

And although we’ve titled this playlist to reflect this particular relationship, it actually represents any special dance with someone you love. This can be ANYONE, including parents, stepparents, parent figures, caregivers, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or even a dear friend. Although it’s most common to see a Father/Daughter dance and a Mother/Son dance, you don’t need to stick with tradition if that’s not your style! Make the special dances at your wedding your own!

This is a great opportunity to find a song that ties to a memory you have with this person. Maybe there was a particular artist you both loved when you were growing up, a song you always played on long car rides together, or a song that was sung to you as a child before bed. Pulling from fond memories or parts of your relationship is a great way to choose a meaningful song for these special dances.

Please enjoy this hand-picked Spotify playlist of Mother/Daughter Dance selections, and let it inspire you to think outside the box and celebrate your wedding YOUR way!

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