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The Met Players were the backbone of our wedding, and blew us and our guests away! Their talent, energy, enthusiasm, organization, and flexibility make it the greatest wedding band of all time. Would recommend them again and again.


From my parents: "As you know, the band can either make or break a wedding celebration. The band, which comprised of 11 players were each fantastic and skilled. The wedding was a blast, unbelievably lively, and both the music choice and the music played were awesome. We received TONS of congratulatory emails and texts, and within each one, the band was acknowledged as "the best".


We wanted to thank you! I would not be surprised if you received calls for additional upcoming weddings! Kudos to The Metropolitan Players…we had the best wedding ever, thanks to you!

-Stacy D, NY

Bride and Groom


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Two Grooms Gay Wedding


We cannot thank the Metropolitan Players enough for making us the perfect wedding. Literally every guest we've spoken to has made a point of calling out the band for an incredible performance (and the really discerning noted music choices and performances during the ceremony and cocktails). Seriously, we could not have asked for more -- except maybe more time to celebrate! Every time we looked at the dance floor it was packed, with young and old(er) guests having a blast. Weeks later, we are still hearing from guests that MP was the best wedding band they’d ever heard (including the NY/NJ cousins with decades of weddings under their belt)!


The band’s manager, Erin, was an absolute pleasure to deal with, and always answered our questions fully, promptly, and thoughtfully. As we got closer to ceremony time, she worked with us to ensure every detail of our reception was covered, making some great musical suggestions along the way (who knew you needed a cake-cutting song?). We were thrilled that MP was able to provide “one stop shopping” and furnish musicians for our ceremony as well as our cocktail hour. Finally, our wedding was “short one bride, but we have an extra groom” – MP accommodated our taste and style (”think of what a wedding would be like if Harry Connick was marrying Michael Bublé but fooling around with Robbie Williams on the side”) effortlessly and seamlessly. And our guests loved that the band was so interactive, with band members leaving the bandstand to join the party on the floor – made for a dynamic and fun celebration.


We cannot say enough good things about the Metropolitan Players – they were amazing! TLDR: THIS IS A BAND THAT IS GOING PLACES. Don’t think twice – book them!!

- Jim P. & Michael H.


The Metropolitan Players were by far the best part of our wedding! They were an absolute hit with our guests. The music they picked perfectly matched our requests and I have never seen a dance floor at a wedding as packed as ours. We had some pretty difficult requests and they played them all perfectly. The members of this band are truly talented.


Erin is the coordinator for the band. She handles all of the logistics before and the night of. She was not only one of the nicest people I have ever met, but she was also more professional than any of our other vendors. She delivered on every promise she made. My husband and I will be following this band! I hope they have more events in the future so we can see them again. What an amazing night, thank you Metropolitan Players!!!!

- Amanda J, NY

Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom


It is with SUCH pleasure that I’m finally sitting down to write a review for the Met Players. I wish I had written it much sooner, but today is our one-year anniversary, and I thought it would be fitting to share my wonderful experience while Scott and I reflect on our special day one year ago! 

Let me begin by saying: This band is INCREDIBLE. I had the luck of hearing them prior to our wedding: When Scott and I got engaged, my first thought was “We NEED to book the Met Players.” This band has it all: They’re a young, incredible group of talented, dedicated musicians who can sing and play ANYTHING. They can sound just like your favorite artists AND/OR put a new spin on some of your favorite hits to liven up the party, and really give their performance that live feel that makes wedding bands such a great option. We still have friends and guests telling us “Your wedding band was absolutely amazing!” The Met Players were a hit with every age group at our wedding and that is hard to come by. In addition, I am a professional musician and singer and so was about half of our guest list, and everyone agreed that their talent was off the charts. Not an off note all night. 

Let me also just talk about Erin Coles for a minute. Having known Erin for many years now, I can tell you that there is no one better to help you plan and manage the many events that will take place within the course of your wedding day. Erin (and her husband Drew) are two of the most professional, trustworthy people you’ll meet (with a great sense of humor to boot!) Erin was so communicative and responsive and made sure every detail was in place so that the introductions and order of the entire evening would go smoothly. Not one aspect was overlooked. 

This band is worth EVERY penny. If music and dancing and overall fun is important to you: Book this group. I’m serious. You won’t regret it. I am so thankful to Erin, Drew, and to the Met Players for making our special day the amazing party that is was.

-Katie A, VT 


BEST BAND EVER. Honestly, my wedding was 3 months ago and I'm still getting phone calls from guests about how amazing our band was. Erin, Drew and the amazing artists that played at our Saratoga Wedding were High Energy, SO TALENTED and incredibly polished. The planning process leading up to the big day is streamlined and super easy as well! I'm a wedding planner by trade and have worked with The Met Players several times before my wedding and the choice was obvious when it came time to choose a band for my own. They were super flexible with our song needs, were spot on with our requested announcements and timeline and even worked with my husband secretly before hand to arrange him singing a special surprise song with the band. Erin and Drew! thank you so much for making the best day of lives have the most amazing soundtrack!

- Amanda O, NY



The Met Players were the first vendors we booked. The band and entertainment in general was probably the most important part of the night for us, and the Met Players surpassed our every expectation!!!! In addition to the amazing set the played for us, where the Met Players truly shined was Erin and Mandy’s attention to detail. From the first phone call, Erin made us feel extremely comfortable and special. They had everything so perfectly planned out, I never for a second had to sweat the small stuff, like when would we do the entrances, speeches, parent dances, etc. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS BAND ENOUGH. We went with the full horns section for the evening, and I also highly recommend that as every one of our guests was so impressed. We had the best night of our lives, simply put. Thank you so much to Drew and Erin! It was an honor to share in the celebration with you guys, especially on the Met Player’s birthday!!

- Kathrin T, NJ


When we first heard about The Metropolitan Players, we knew instantly that they were the band for us. As a bride with a very active musical background, good quality, live music was an important part of our special day. Originally we booked a 180-person wedding with a 10 piece band for our wedding in September of 2020 - then the pandemic hit.

Erin Coles, one of the co-founders treated us with the utmost care and compassion during one of the most difficult years to plan a wedding. As our plans changed drastically, she and her staff were incredibly responsive, answered all of our questions with patience and was incredibly flexible in adjusting to our needs. Due to us booking the band prior to the pandemic and already having put a deposit down, we were worried about being able to continue to pay for their services. However, The Metropolitan Players provides a few flexible options for payment plans and were flexible in moving our contract and deposit to our future reception date that we had to reschedule. Erin is a huge part of why we decided to continue to keep our contract with The Metropolitan Players when we do our reception in 2023 because we know from her work with us that the service they provide is phenomenal.

We had a small elopement ceremony in February and Drew Coles, Erin’s husband and co-founder played us down the aisle live, over zoom and was able to work with our staff onsite to mix the sound remotely so that it sounded like the piano was in the room with us. We were floored by how easy and fun they were to work with and can not recommend them enough!

- Meghan W, NY



Choosing the Metropolitan Players as our band was easily the best decision we made for our wedding. They are hands down the most talented and fun wedding band we’ve seen, and on top of that they were an incredible partner throughout our wedding planning process. The passion for their work is evident – the Manager and Music Director, Erin and Drew, founded the band because they couldn’t find the perfect band for their own wedding. If the perfect band didn’t exist then, they certainly succeeded in creating it!

We worked with Erin from our first inquiry through our wedding day. You will not find a better vendor manager out there! Erin is a very caring and thoughtful person and she’s extremely thorough and detail oriented. She made sure every aspect was exactly what we wanted and made us feel at ease every step of the way.

The Met Players flawlessly handled all our music needs for our wedding day. They played at our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception and provided music suggestions for each part of the day based on our taste in music. This was super helpful, and we ended up picking some of Erin’s suggestions including one she recommended for our first dance! There was continuous music throughout the reception, which not all bands will guarantee. One of the best things about the Met Players is that they will learn any special song you want them to play. They knocked all our requests out of the park, and it made the music at our reception feel like it was personalized to us. They even let my brother sing a song with the band during my mother/daughter dance, which will be a moment I will never forget all thanks to the Met Players.

In the months leading up to our wedding, Erin stayed in touch with us and coordinated the plan for the big day. We filled out a master sheet that included the logistical details including introductions and announcements the band would make as emcee, songs for our special dances, and song requests. This was extremely helpful because it ensured we wouldn’t miss any special moments throughout the night and reassured us we were in excellent hands on our big day.

In addition to learning our favorite songs, we were also able to have a say in who would be singing in the band for our reception. The Met Players have a deep roster of about 20 talented vocalists, with 2 men and 2 women vocalists performing for any wedding. This gave us a lot of comfort that if someone in the band couldn’t make it because of an emergency, there would be someone else just as talented ready to fill in. While you can’t go wrong with anyone that works with the Met Players, it was another way they made us feel like we were able to personalize the music to our preferences.

It’s been months since our wedding, and we are still getting rave reviews of the band from our friends and family. Some claim it was the most fun wedding they’ve been to, and we owe that all to the amazing musical performance that kept the dance floor rocking the entire night! Our guests literally moved the dance floor two feet because of the epic dance party that occurred. The Met Players exceeded our expectations and were part of some of our favorite memories from our wedding. We would love to see the Met Players again and will be sure to recommend them to any our friends that are planning to have a wedding in the tri state area. If you’re on the fence or think the Met Players are slightly out of your budget, do whatever you can do book them! You will not regret it.


- Christa S, NJ 



Stop looking for another band, you’ve found the best one! The Metropolitan Players made our July wedding day amazing! The band played my brother’s wedding two years ago impressing everyone. When I got engaged, I immediately knew I had to have the Metropolitan Players at my wedding. Erin was so easy to work with. From the early planning stages to the minute by minute itinerary, she understood everything we wanted and was able to make it happen. She was great at getting back to us at every email and phone call. Erin was on top of everything way in advance, which helped me stay relaxed through all the planning and the day of!


The band’s song list already has so many hits, but they learned all of the new songs we requested. It was very important to us that we had tons of dance time and they made that happen no problem! Our guests are still talking about how great the band was. Everyone was dancing the entire night! The Metropolitan Players are professional and extremely talented - their songs sound just like the real ones! They are also very fun people who get the crowd up and excited! I can’t thank the Metropolitan Players enough for making our wedding the best day possible. I can’t wait to see them play again!


- Stephanie S, NY 


We love this band!!!!! The Metropolitan Players are an unbelievably fantastic wedding band. They're a young, cool, energetic, FUN, and super talented group of musicians. They are the biggest reason that our wedding was as excellent as it was. Every one of our guests that we spoke with made a point to tell us how much they loved the band. They had everybody dancing the entire night! I've never danced so much in my life; even the friends of ours that rarely dance were on the dance floor going wild!


The band knew and/or learned all of our song requests for the wedding dances, bride-groom, father-daughter, mother-son, entrance songs, etc. They nailed the song selection throughout the entire night. They played all of the songs that we suggested & requested, and we were super excited to hear a bunch of songs that weren't even on their song list. Its obvious that they're very in touch with their audience and know how to get them energized and moving. We also decided to have a couple of their band members play during our ceremony and cocktail hour, and they did a wonderful job of shaping the atmosphere.


Erin, the point-of-contact and coordinator, was SO GREAT to deal with from the first phone call, throughout the entire planning process, and throughout the wedding night. She accommodated every question, concern, and request that we had with excitement and a fabulous confidence-inspiring attitude. She arranged for us to come visit and watch a band practice before we hired them. We knew that day that they were the band for us. And their prices are so reasonable; while shopping, we got several quotes for more than double what the Metropolitan Players charge, which I could not understand, because these guys are top-notch!


We loved that the band is a group of young people, and I think this played a role in how much fun we and our friends had while dancing and interacting with them. We got a chance to chat with them a bit after the wedding and it came as no surprise that all of the band members were a bunch of great people. I could go on and on, but I think I'm getting the point across. This band is amazing. I'm going to recommend them to everyone I know, and I really hope that I get a chance to be a guest at another Metropolitan Players wedding. Thanks again guys!!!

- Christina & Steve M, NY

Erin Coles with Bride


Hiring the Metropolitan Players was without a doubt the BEST decision of our entire wedding. The band is absolutely incredible – charismatic, energetic, and super talented. Our guests had a blast on the dance floor (I think literally every guest was dancing!) and, even weeks after the wedding, are still talking about how amazing the band was. Additionally, the Met Players are willing to go above and beyond to make sure your day is extra special. For us, they learned several additional songs for our wedding ceremony processional and first dance, and were also able to accommodate a last minute request only a few days before the wedding. They were even willing to record and send us a version of our first dance song so we could practice our dance with it before the big day.


Finally, working with Erin, the band’s manager and coordinator, was an absolute pleasure and the easiest, most stress-free experience of the entire wedding. Erin is professional, responsive, organized, enthusiastic, and very sweet. Erin went out of her way to personally make sure that our day went off without a hitch, including by visiting our wedding venue beforehand to ensure that the set up would go smoothly and volunteering to assist with our wedding processional since we did not have a wedding coordinator. On the day of our wedding, we had very bad weather, and Erin was flexible in rearranging the set-up on the day of and even assisted each member of the wedding party by walking them to the ceremony aisle with an umbrella while she was getting wet. I cannot recommend them highly enough!


- Ashley D, NY 


HIRE THIS BAND FOR YOU WEDDING RIGHT NOW!!!! Oh my gosh, we do not have enough INCREDIBLE things to say about the Metropolitan Players, Erin, and Drew. SO FUN, affordable, caring, attentive, and professional. We got married on June 30th at Bellport Country Club, and the Metropolitan Players truly made our wedding what it was. Every single guest of ours has said that it was the best band they've seen and one of the most fun weddings they have been to and we have the Met Players to thank for that. We can't wait for friends of ours to get engaged so that we can get them in touch with this amazing band!


From the moment we first reached out to the band, Erin responded promptly with kindness, enthusiasm, and PERSONAL email responses. We even joked throughout all of our emails that she was one of the ONLY vendors we worked with that called my fiance "Bob", as we signed each email with, not "Robert" as our wedding email displayed it. It's just that little bit of extra attentiveness that made all the difference in the world. Erin truly made us feel like we weren't just a potential client but a friend who she truly cared about. We were the first of our friends to get married so we came with LOTS of questions not just about songs and playlists but about wedding logistics, timeline order, uplighting - you name it, Erin helped.


In the months leading up to our wedding we attended several showcases that the Met Players hosted that were fantastic. We were able to confirm which band members we wanted, add songs to our playlist, and get SO excited for our big day. Erin was always eager to check in with us and we even had a phone conference with her and Drew to make sure that our special entrance plan was all set to run smoothly. We entered to the MP3 of "Everybody" by Backstreet Boys and then as soon as our first dance ended we wanted to put it back on for a small dance set, and Drew made sure to make the MP3s flow in a way where it was SEAMLESS. In the days leading up to the wedding Erin was traveling abroad but still made sure I was at ease by giving me her cell phone number and telling me to reach out if need be... WHAT other vendor would do this?!


Finally, our wedding night... we still don't have the words to explain how SPECTACULAR this band was. Our entrance was fantastic and so exciting. They played the perfect mix of our requests and soooo many songs right up our alley. The transition between songs and courses being served was so smooth. They catered to our requests of singing happy birthday to Bob's niece and also having Bob's uncle join them for a song. The dance floor was PACKED the entire night and some of the singers even came on the dance floor at times! It was amazing!! I could go on and on (clearly)! Towards the end right about when people may have felt tired, the band played the BEST 90s mix of songs that amped up the energy like crazy and it was one of my favorite parts of the wedding. Highly recommend this!!!!

Bottom line... BEST VENDOR EVER. In addition to being more than half the price than a lot of other bands out there, the Met Players are the best because they are more than just a band, but a group of genuine, caring people who truly do everything they can to make your wedding day everything and more. WE LOVE THE MET PLAYERS! Thank you Erin, Drew, and everyone for making our wedding experience and wedding day outstanding. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

- Emily & Bob H, NY

Drew Coles Playing Saxophone
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My wife and I had our wedding on September 11th 2016 and we were SO incredibly lucky to find The Metropolitan Players as the band for our entire wedding. They performed for our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception and absolutely blew all of our guests away. I heard comments during and after the wedding like “I feel like I’m at a concert”, “Who was the one girl? She could probably make her own album,” and most frequently... “Your band was THE BEST part of the wedding (besides you two) :D.” The passion and energy they put into absolutely every song was what made them unique. Their talent was uncanny and every singer was so versatile. We had many songs from different genres and they sang them all as if they were the original singer (and sometimes BETTER).

The icing on the cake was the band leader, Erin, who was absolutely a joy to work with. She was attentive to all of our questions and needs from the minute we met her, throughout our planning process and all the way up to when we said goodbye when our wedding was over. She went above and BEYOND to make our day special in every way and we are forever grateful to her. Her professionalism and attentiveness made us feel like we were her only clients (definitely not the case as this band is VERY popular) and she went out of her way for us in the planning process. She even came to the event venue, as the band hadn’t been to Sea Bright, NJ yet to check out the space and do some final planning with me. Her pricing was fair and cost-efficient and they were worth every dollar we spent. We cannot wait to have another occasion that warrants us to have live music- The Met Players are OUR band... and I’m sure you’ll love them as well!


Stephanie K, NJ 


Ryan and I got married in November 2019 at The Berkeley in Asbury Park. The Metropolitan Players are a MUST have at your wedding or ANY event! We got to enjoy the METPLAYERS at one of Ryan’s friends wedding in July 2017. Ryan and I weren’t even engaged yet but I knew when we got married that we wanted them at our wedding because we loved them so much. From the moment we contacted them, Erin was prompt, friendly, and always willing to answer all of our questions. Erin and her team were amazing to work with and if you are looking for a band for our wedding they are a MUST HAVE!!!!


The METPLAYERS played our music in the church for our ceremony followed by cocktail hour and reception. MOST of our guests came up to us throughout the night and kept asking what band we had because they were so amazing... they played every song we asked for and sounded INCREDIBLE!!!! A lot of our friends and family are still talking about how great they were and how the dance floor was packed the entire night!!!!! I will definitely be referring friends and family to have the METPLAYERS at their wedding or ANY EVENT!!!! Thank you again for making our wedding UNFORGETTABLE!!!!!!

- Samantha B, NJ



The Met Players were the shining stars of our wedding!! From the moment we contacted them, Erin was prompt, friendly, and always willing to answer all of our questions. When we asked for a bluegrass-inspired cocktail hour and a slow-to-fast version of September with personalized lyrics, the Met Players said yes without hesitation (and with tons of enthusiasm). To this day, our friends and family reminisce about our epic last song (Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen that the Met Players learned for our wedding) and our mother-daughter dance, where we sang Shania Twain. These moments would not have been possible without the Met Players' thoughtful attention-to-detail and dedication to making our wedding night an unforgettable, magical night.


- Sarah H, NY


Should you hire the Metropolitan Players for your wedding? Yes you should. End of story.

Before the Wedding: Erin is extremely easy to work with, kind and experienced, takes direction well where you have strong convictions, and provides great guidance where you don’t. We did not spend hours with them sorting out the particulars, everything was efficient and useful. Ditto with Alex, our coordinator.

During the Wedding: We received dozens of compliments all night about the band, and numerous couples who asked about their ability to do their weddings when the time came. I am a musician myself, as were many of our guests, and I can tell you that everyone in the band is extremely talented, the sound was mixed beautifully and at just the right volume to enjoy it, and I have rarely seen a wedding band read a crowd as well as the Metropolitan Players. They knew exactly when to speed it up, slow it down, change the type of tune, etc., and our dance floor was buzzing.

The band’s performance was stellar – not taking attention away from the event or hogging the spotlight, but also comfortable occasionally walking into/interacting with the crowd at appropriate moments to drive the energy higher. They struck a balance that is no small feat to achieve, while sounding recording studio quality, at the right volume, at a completely fair price.

If this band is not on your short list, you should check them out. Thanks for an amazing event, Metropolitan Players!

- Ryan M, NY

Metroplitan Players Vocalist Singer


This band is the main reason our wedding was the perfect celebration! The music, the timeline, and the flow of the entire evening was great.

The band sounds amazing and our wedding guests kept complimenting us throughout the night about how great everything sounded. The band members are truly talented musicians who know how to keep a party going!

Erin did a fantastic job not only during the wedding, but leading up to the day. We had a lot of special requests and a lot of opinions about music and she listened to everything we had to say and tailored the evening to be exactly how we envisioned it.

The band also played very specific music (chosen by us) for our ceremony and they even collaborated with the groomsmen, who played trumpet with them after only a 5 minute rehearsal! Erin can make anything happen to make the couple happy on their special day!

I cannot recommend this band enough and am SO happy they were able to be such a huge part of our special day.


- Lauren F, NY


What is there to say? If you are lucky enough to have the Metropolitan Players play at your wedding, do not hesitate to book them! They are truly the best wedding band I have ever seen, and I am SO HAPPY that we were able to have them at our wedding. If you want people to dance all night, you will NOT be disappointed!

Erin was so sweet and helpful from the start, and she was super accommodating of all our requests! We asked them to learn several additional songs for our wedding, and they absolutely nailed every single one.

People were on the dance floor almost nonstop, from before dinner at 630 until the encore at 11pm, and everyone had the most amazing time. We were all simply blown away, and I would recommend the Metropolitan Players to anyone who is getting married in the area!! Wish we could do it all over again!

- Meggie D, NY

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Bride and Groom


The Metropolitan Players provided music for our wedding last week, and New Wife (or as I call her, My Ex-Girlfriend) and I couldn't have been happier with the event. And as a professional musician, I can't help but be pretty picky. Erin Coles was great to work with right from the start. The MP website had a deep catalog of tunes to choose from. In addition to those, MP did a great job handling our special requests that were not in their repertoire list. Also... what a band! The musicianship and enthusiasm were out of this world. The band had four singers, which meant that each singer sang the songs that best suited their voices, rather than one singer doing everything. They also brought their own sound person and "stage manager" that ensured that the sound was good and that everything ran smoothly. The acoustic guitarist (for the ceremony) and the keyboard player (for the cocktail hour) were also first rate. I can't say enough good things about this band. Our guests were AMAZED.


- Marc S, NY


If you want to have the best wedding, you NEED to book the Metropolitan Players!! The Met Players are infinitely talented and our dance floor was never empty the whole entire night!! Our biggest wedding day praises all include the Met Players and how unbelievably amazing they were! Coordinating with the band manager, Erin, was an absolute pleasure! Erin is so extremely kind, knowledgeable, and helpful and made choosing songs so easy. The Met Players covered a wide range of songs and were so enthusiastic and energetic the whole night. Hiring the Met Players will definitely be the best wedding planning decision you could make!!

- Melissa and Jake B, CT

Metropolitan Players Vocalist Singer
Metropolitan Players Vocalist Singer


We absolutely cannot recommend the Met Players enough, and have continued to refer them to friends and family in the Tri-State area ever since our big day.


Lisa and I had a tough time finding the right band for our wedding. We were living in Virginia but planning a wedding that would be in Connecticut, so it was basically impossible for us to make any wedding expos in that area, and as a result we had to do our searching online. And we did a lot of it. But when we came across the Met Players, it was a band we couldn’t get out of our minds, and now, looking back, we could not have found a more perfect band for our day.


From the beginning, we were treated with respect and excitement. The Met players management staff (big shout-out to Erin!!!) was helpful, flexible (we had a complex intro that they absolutely nailed), reliable, and easy going. They answered our questions in a timely fashion and helped us along the way, but never overwhelmed us. We had ample opportunity to give input on what we wanted, and they did a great job of filling in the gaps.


The day of the wedding we had nothing to worry about – the band was on time, ready to go, and put on a show that we continue to hear about from our friends and family. The MC for the night approached us when necessary, but rarely and had no trouble running things and coordinating with our venue’s staff and schedule. To say we didn’t even realize they were there is not at all meant to be an insult – they took care of us without us even having to think about it.


As for music, the band nailed the set list, for which we gave them some guidance but trusted their judgement on the rest. And they did not disappoint. It was a perfect blend of old and new, funky and classy, bangers and slow dances, and always fun. It could not have been more perfect. One of my absolute favorite moments from the whole night was when they played our one “weird request” song that the band had to learn from scratch, Booty City by Black Joe Lewis – not only was it an amazing rendition, but the sax player absolutely crushed his solo, taking it out onto the dance floor to play just for Lisa as the crowd circled around him. It was so fantastic. Our wedding song, “This Must be the Place” by the Talking Heads was also somewhat of an obscure one, but they did an amazing job nevertheless. The whole night was filled with non-stop energy, and the dance floor was never empty thanks to them.


For anyone who read this whole rant, hopefully you got a sense of how truly wonderful the Met Players were for us and how thankful we were to have found them. Seriously cannot give them enough credit for making our reception the night that it was..


- Ryan P, CT


Stop whatever you're doing and look no further for your dream wedding band. Book the Metropolitan players right now for your big day! I cannot express enough how much I loved this band.


Let me start off by saying I considered the music on our wedding day the most important aspect of the entire day. This band absolutely KILLED it. Their energy, their talent, and their pure joy and happiness SHINED. The voices of every single one of these band members is better than most famous artists singing live. My jaw was dropped hearing how perfect their voices were. Not only that, but the instrumentals were the best I've ever heard. They were jumping around having a great time interacting with my guests. At one point I turned and looked around the room and all 200 of my guests were out of their seats and on the dance floor having an amazing time. My wedding venue even told me the Metropolitan Players were the best band they have ever heard play there, which I was not surprised by at all because they are just simply the best.


Erin, the band manager, was a dream to work with. She was SO sweet, bubbly and personable, extremely responsive and beyond professional. I put the music selections all into her hands and I could not have imagined the music being any better! All of my guests, young and old, LOVED the music. My guests are still talking about how amazing this band is and a few have inquired about booking them for their weddings as well :)


I am so happy that I put my full trust into Erin and the band to blow it out of the water and they did just that and more. I could not have imagined the day going any more perfect than it did. Thank you to Erin and this incredibly talented group of people for being a part of our special day and making our dream wedding the most perfect day of our lives. You guys absolutely KILLED it!! We love you guys!!

- Gabrielle and Michael, NJ

Metropolitan Players Vocalist Singer


The Metropolitan Players are outstanding!!! My husband and I are extremely happy that we hired them for our wedding ceremony and reception. They exceeded our expectations in every way. We had several planning calls to discuss music preferences, number and type of instruments and number of vocalists. They have a wide range of music from which we created our playlist for the reception. We collaborated on timeline for the ceremony and the reception. They were 100% reliable, professional and pleasant to work with. They were flexible and fair in working with our budget. Their onsite coordinator was on top of every detail and the musicians were fabulous!!!


Our guests from young to old were on the dance floor to the end of the reception and we received many unsolicited compliments from our guests about the band. My husband and I had a wonderful time dancing, and they made our first dance especially memorable. Everyone we worked with from the planning coordinator, onsite coordinator and musicians were professional, courteous and very enthusiastic about helping to make our wedding special.


- June Anne B, NY


Choosing The Met Players for your wedding music should be one of the easiest decisions you make -- search no further, you won’t regret it! They were INCREDIBLE to work with from the early planning stages months before our big day all the way through to the end of our wedding night.

They executed flawlessly and we received so many compliments from guests about how impressed they were with the band! Throughout reception, the Met Players read the room really well to play the perfect mix of songs (including a couple special requests they learned just for us) and nailed the timing throughout the night. We also loved the piano and bass duo that set the ambience at our ceremony and cocktail hour, and Met Players made the process of adding these musicians in as part of the package super easy.

We researched and interviewed several bands while we were considering our options. We were immediately impressed when we spoke with Erin, the cofounder of Met Players. She is friendly, professional, and super responsive, while extremely detail oriented. We were a little lost when it came to selecting music for our ceremony and she provided incredibly helpful guidance and suggestions. She and Alex, the coordinator present on our wedding day, were a pleasure to work with every step of the way and were so organized that they completely eliminated any stress from this part of our planning process.

Cannot recommend them more highly!!


- Andrea K, NY 

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Bride and Groom


My wife and I got married one week ago, and the Metropolitan Players were the absolute highlight of our day! Seriously, our friends could not stop talking about how amazing they were! Powerful vocals, impeccable flow, and a tasteful selection of songs. On top of all this, they were some of the nicest people I've met! They genuinely had our happiness in mind.


To give an example of their attention to detail: half our attendees were older first generation immigrants, and the other half were our age. Taking this into account, we asked the band if they could accommodate accordingly. Earlier in the night, they played awesome oldies that everyone recognized, and later on when the older crowd started to trickle out, they transitioned to more upbeat modern hits. The entire night, I did not have to worry at all about the guests being thoroughly entertained. Seriously, anyone choosing the Metropolitan Players is making a solid investment toward an amazing wedding.


- Eugene P, NJ


The Metropolitan Players played our wedding and were absolutely amazing! Erin was extremely helpful and patient with our numerous questions and concerns about the music for the ceremony and the reception. She helped choose what music would sound best for our ceremony and reception as well as how best to organize our reception. The band was very flexible and willing to learn specific songs for our processional and recessional music along with traditional catholic music for our ceremony.


Andrea's voice, Drew's keyboard, and Vincent's guitar were so beautiful during our ceremony that we had to stop and take a moment to listen after our recessional from the church! Matt's acoustic guitar during the cocktail hour was great- it set the mood perfectly without interfering with conversation. The band absolutely made the reception! The band did a wonderful job playing our song (You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne) and adapted amazingly well, even when we got a bit shy from all the attention and started asking our guests to join us on the dance floor. Throughout the entire ceremony, our guests repeatedly commented how great the band was and asked how we found them. Weeks later, our guests continue to compliment the band!


Dani, Andrea, Bryan, and Jeff all sang beautifully. Vincent was amazing on the guitar, to the point where we had guests personally complimenting him during breaks. Andrew was awesome on the bass and Luke was great on the drums. Michael and Greg were wonderful on the sax and trumpet, respectively. The band was absolutely amazing and really made the evening perfect! The dance floor was packed the entire evening and everyone was begging for more when the reception ended!


The Metropolitan Players were amazing to work with and were willing to accommodate every request we had. Unlike the other bands that I spoke with, they played live music throughout the entire evening, including background music during the meal and breaks. They learned numerous songs and were even willing to learn more, if we wanted. Erin was an absolute pleasure to work with, answering all of our questions even on the night before our wedding! She and Drew kept the reception running smoothly and made sure that there were absolutely no problems, even when some of our guests made specific requests.


All in all, the Metropolitan Players are an amazing band made up of extremely professional and talented musicians. Booking any other band over the Metropolitan Players would be a mistake because there simply is no better choice. If they have an opening for your day, immediately book them as I cannot imagine they'll remain available for long!


- Kathryn L, NY

Metropolitan Players Vocalist Singer


We knew they were really good, but they blew away our expectations completely! From the moment we began working with them, Erin helped my husband and I build a timeline for the evening and chose our important songs. She was so patient with us and really helped address all of our questions, requests and concerns. Even when we made song changes the week of the wedding, Erin made us feel #1 important and special and worked with the band to satisfy our expectations.


The wedding would absolutely not been the same without this band. They were so diverse in providing a wide variety of songs that all sounded better than the originals. They were intuitive in reading the energy from our guests and knew when to tone it down or up... way up!! Everyone is still talking about how amazing they were. We are so glad we made this investment into our wedding plans and would highly HIGHLY recommend hiring the Metropolitan Players. They are worth every red cent. We are forever thankful.

- Danielle T, CT


I don't think that I have adequate words to describe how superb our experience with The Metropolitan Players was. Everything from start to finish was absolute perfection. Erin, one of the bandleaders, was professional and informative throughout the entire process. Her responses were timely and she was very thoughtful in her song recommendations based on mine and my (now) husband's musical tastes. She and the band were happy to work with requests, no matter how silly they were, and they did a fantastic job with the execution. Erin made me feel comfortable bringing any questions or concerns that I had in the weeks and months leading up to our day and was able to set my mind at ease on more than one occasion. She assured me that she would coordinate everything to make sure that our ceremony ran perfectly, and it absolutely did! 

Now, the reception! The Metropolitan Players had our guests on the dance floor the entire night. They are such an incredibly talented group of people with such great energy. They also happen to be young, fun, and beautiful which definitely helps! Every song they played was 100% on point. As an added bonus, our best man was able to coordinate a "ba-dum-chh" with the drummer during his best man speech. It was perfect!

We can't recommend these guys highly enough! Our guests were raving all night and we are still fielding the "how did you find them?" questions. If they have your date available, book them now! They will elevate your special night to something beyond words!


- Victoria T, NY 

Metropolitan Players Guitar
Metropolitan Players Drums


I wish I could give the Metropolitan Players a million stars! Five is not enough to express how amazing this band is. We booked the Metropolitan Players for our July wedding over a year in advance, and I could not be happier. Our guests cannot stop talking about how fun and enthusiastic the band was. The Metropolitan Players have a youthful, energetic vibe that filled our dance floor with laughs and smiles.


We had a wide range of ages at our wedding and the Met Players performed songs that everyone had a blast dancing to. [The 90's remix had the whole room singing and made my night!] We had a few special requests as well as songs chosen from their very thorough list. Each and every song was so professionally done. The band even interacted with our guests by dancing with us, and letting the groom grab the mic for a minute to sing, which we LOVED! We had the keyboardist and violinist perform at our cocktail hour, which made this time so special as well.


Working with Erin was AMAZING. She is exactly what you hope a wedding vendor is like. She is friendly, organized, responds quickly to emails, and helped me with the whole timeline of the wedding. I highly recommend Erin and the Metropolitan Players as they are a superior band!! :)

- Jasmine W


I am the father of the Bride, and I must start off by saying that I was against a "wedding band" and for a DJ from the start. I was convinced by my daughter and future son-in-law that a band was the way to go "everyone is doing it". We set off and listened to countless bands online and then narrowed it down to 4-5 that we liked. We then went on to listen to those bands at their rehearsals. After listening to the Metropolitan Players and discussing our needs with Erin we booked them. I must mention that this was not your typical venue, it was a Barn wedding and it was the Barn's first one at that. Needless to say we were a bit nervous about the acoustics of the venue and how would the band sound in it. Much to my surprise the band arrived at the venue several hours ahead of schedule to work out all the kinks and perform several sound checks. From the start of the Ceremony the band never stopped playing. I don't think there was a minute that there wasn't music playing . Most of our friends and family never got off the dance floor. Everyone raved about how good this band was and half the time you couldn't tell that they were covering the songs. We went with 3 extra horns and I strongly recommend anybody do the same. The horns really filled in sound. All in all I give them a 15 out of 10, they far exceeded my expectations... Erin was a pleasure to work with and all the singers voices were incredible... amazing!!! I can't wait for our next affair to use them again.

- Michael M, NY

Metropolitan Players Vocalist Singer
Metropolitan Players Violin


We cannot thank the Metropolitan Players enough for making our wedding the most amazing night of our lives. In the days and WEEKS following the wedding, friends and family contacted us commenting on how wonderful the music was and how they had never heard a band that talented before. They did not take ANY breaks, provided consistent music that suited the mood from start to finish, learned all of the songs we requested and kept the party going. Erin was a delight to work with, the communication was efficient and timely. Words cannot express how pleased we are and how special they made our celebration! Five Stars!!

- Christina and Philip, NY


Book the Metropolitan Players for your wedding! We were married in early June and are still jumping up and down with excitement over this band! My husband and I have very picky musical taste and we were beyond impressed with their performance on our wedding night! We can't thank the band enough for everything!!!!

From the start, communications were easy! Erin, co-founder and manager, was timely with all of her emails and offered so much guidance throughout the entire wedding planning process. Alex, our day of coordinator, was extremely professional and on top of her game! The transition from Erin to Alex was seamless and professional. We felt cared for and catered to which is the way it should be when you're hiring a wedding vendor.

My husband and I are both in our 40's and do not listen to top 40 music. We also dislike overplayed radio music, cheesy love songs, etc. We wanted to make sure that the music catered to our taste, our guest's tastes, and got everyone out of their seats for lots of dancing. We explained this to the band and they got it - they got it so well that it showed up and shined out the night of our wedding.

The Met Players played a wide variety of music - exactly the type of music that we had requested. It was clear that they had studied our requests from their comprehensive song list and spent quality time practicing our requests that were not on their song list. Every song sounded like the original or better. The sound was in exceptional tune (again, we are REALLY picky with music and can't stand 'pitchy' vocals...there was NONE of that) . I personally LOVED how they played the father/daughter dance was not on their song list and they nailed it! All of the musicians are extremely talented and work so well together. Having them come out on the dance floor for some of the numbers also made for a very fun night! They showed up to our venue many hours ahead of time to set up and practice - this was very reassuring and from what I hear, not typical of most wedding bands. 

We've received an abundance of compliments from guests of all ages about the music - they had a blast dancing the entire night! My husband even asked the other day if the Met Players play at concert venues.... honestly, we would much rather go see a live performance by the Met Players than many of the band we have seen lately (local and well-known artists!).

We also hired the Met Players for our ceremony music. The harpist was lovely and provided the perfect music (song choice, sound quality, and volume) as guests arrived, the processional, and the recessional. 

Lastly, having incredible music was my top request for my wedding day. I was determined to find a band with incredible sound, style and professionalism. It took me a little time to find the Met Players but I'm SO glad that I kept looking for the perfect fit. We reviewed a lot of other bands before making our decision and I would hire The Met Players all over again if I could. Everything I have to say about the Met Players is positive and they fully deserve a giant shout out to the world about just how incredible they are!

- Alison H, NY


Oh where to start! I truly could never put into words how wonderful The Metropolitan Players made our wedding. We wanted a wedding that would impress our guests in all aspects - flowers, location, food, and band. By hiring The Metropolitan Players, we did just that. Our guests were absolutely blown away by how impressive the band was and we could not thank them enough! They performed at our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception and we could not be more pleased. The music was incredible and the musicians were so much fun and interactive! The dance floor was packed the entire night. Our guests cannot stop raving about the band and numerous guests have inquired about hiring them and referring them to other couples for their wedding day. Erin was absolutely fantastic to work with leading up to the wedding and made the whole process so smooth and easy. All the band members are so talented and were so kind at our wedding. The Metropolitan Players absolutely made our wedding perfect and we would recommend them over and over again!! Thank you Erin and everyone who made our wedding day so special! I wish we could get married again just to have you play for us again!!!

- Ashley D, CT

Metropolitan Players Vocalist Singer
Metropolitan Players Guitar


Hiring The Metropolitan Players before ever hearing them play was not an easy decision. As it turns out, it was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. Erin was absolutely amazing to work with from day one... extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. They traveled to Buffalo, NY for us, and I saw them pull up to our venue just as I was waiting for my wife for our first look. We all exchanged an excited wave with each other, and it was in that moment I knew the night was going to be one we wouldn't soon forget. Our request and do not play lists were executed to a tee, and we couldn't have been happier with entrusting them to play our entrance and first dance songs. If you are looking for a wedding band that will not only rock your dance floor all night long, but also keep your guests raving about it for weeks to come... stop what you are doing and make sure they have your date available RIGHT NOW. Thank you guys again for your contribution to such an unforgettable night!

- Nick M, NY


We just had The Metropolitan Players play at our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding and I’m thrilled to say they were everything we could have wanted (and we wanted a lot!).


Everyone knows how much goes into planning an event like a wedding reception, but in the end there’s probably nothing more important than a great band to make it a truly fun and memorable event. And The Met Players were in fact great, excelling at the three most critical elements: Pacing, range and skills.


Pacing, because it can’t be all party the whole time, they played the perfect background music during speeches and dinner service, then completely cut loose for the second half of the night. Range, as represented by their varied set list, which naturally had a lot for the bride & groom and their young friends, but also plenty for the attendees ‘of a certain age’ like the parents of the wedding party and all their 50+-something friends, who had tons of songs to recognize and to which they could dance. Thank goodness for Motown.


Finally, and most importantly, the band had all the musical skills throughout to pull it off. The singing was diverse and outstanding, covering both male and female vocalists with tremendous variety (from Bruno Mars to Aretha and Whitney, to name only a few); the critical rhythm section was exceptional, the bass player in particular adroitly tackling multiple styles; and the rest of the band all added valuable parts, the keyboard and guitar taking nice breaks and filling out the sound, and the saxophone claiming maybe the highlight moment of the night, honking wildly from atop a stage monitor. They closed to a teeming, exuberant dance floor with “Livin’ On A Prayer” and “Don’t Stop Believin’”, plus an “encore” of “Shout”, as effective of a crowd-pleasing trifecta as we could think of. I only wish I had another wedding coming up to book them again!

- Jody H, NY

Metropolitan Players Vocalist Singer
Metropolitan Players Vocalist Singer


Best band ever!!! When I found them online, I saw their reviews, stalked the crap out of their social media accounts and website, and I booked them way in advance. Working with this team was a breeze, a pleasure, and an absolute privilege. This team is extremely professional and is just amazing period. We used them for the ceremony (string quartet), cocktail hour (jazz trio), and the reception (8 piece band). All of our guests came up to us throughout everything complimenting the band left and right. My husband and I were thrilled and so were all of our guests! Thanks to the Metropolitan Players our wedding was incredible!! Book this band now!

- Brieanna B, CT


Hire them, hire them, hire them!!! The Met Players are the best in the game!

I'm a huge Broadway nerd, my husband is a Jimmy Buffett fan, and our families are a bunch of party animals who want to tear up the dance floor. Our wedding goal was for our guests to wake up the following morning and say "Holy moly, what a great wedding!" We wanted them to be exhausted from dancing all night long and man was that mission accomplished with the help of The Met Players. 

I was blown away by their thoughtfulness and willingness to learn special songs that my husband and I wanted to hear throughout our wedding. And based on our suggestions, they built a playlist of songs that felt true to us as a couple and ensured our wedding was a huge dance party! The music was nonstop from the moment our wedding started until the moment it ended.

Erin and Drew treat you like family from day one and to us - that was so important! The Met Players treat your wedding like it's their own -- every detail is perfectly handled. They're true professionals, who somehow also manage to treat you like you're a part of their extended family. They love what they do and it comes through in your wedding. 

If you want your guests to dance, this is our band. Hire them ASAP - you won't regret it.

- David and Jenna C, NY

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Metropolitan Players were absolutely amazing for our wedding this past April in NJ. Right from the start of the planning stages, Erin and Drew worked with us to design our perfect “band”, incorporating brass and woodwinds as requested by my parents , as well as letting us rank the female and male vocalists. We were able to attend a showcase night to sample the tunes, before we signed the contract where we could meet with Erin and Drew and several of the band members .

And I can confirm that the big day could not have been any better. From the ceremony music which was a combination of pop hit instrumental and traditional classical to the cocktail hour background music to the amazing 10 piece band we had- Met Players made our day! They had all generations up and dancing and the dance floor full of positive vibes and energy up until the last song at Midnight. And I can tell you that they learned our 1st dance song - Love Someone by Lukas Graham - and It was just as good as the original. 

Everyone kept telling us how much they loved our band — We wish we could have a redo - It went by way too fast!

- Dara & Phil, NJ


Brett and I were married in May 2019 at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City. The Metropolitan Players are a must have at your wedding or ANY event! We got to enjoy the band at Brett’s sister’s wedding in September 2018. We knew right there that we wanted the same band at our wedding. I couldn’t wait to celebrate on the dance floor with them. Many of our guests expressed how much they loved the band and how amazingly talented they were. We had so much fun dancing at our wedding! Everyone was dancing, even family who normally wouldn’t dance! 

Erin and her team were great to work with. They accommodated requests we made and had wonderful song suggestions to moments we were stuck on. We had a unique ceremony musical request and it turned out even better than I imagined! Erin was also the one who recommended the venue and photographer we ended up working with! She was a huge help! We are so thankful for all her expertise that led to the perfect wedding!

Book them now!!

- Sandy & Brett G, NY



Simply the best! We had been to three weddings with The Metropolitan Players so when it came time for our wedding, there was no question - we knew we had our band. Erin was an absolute dream to work with; so thorough and responsive - certainly the easiest vendor to book! When COVID hit and we knew our wedding would change significantly, Erin worked with us to adjust our initial plan. I was apprehensive since we were only going to be 14 people and I thought having a band would be overpowering or out of place and I'm so glad the Metropolitan Players stuck with us! They made our wedding absolutely perfect! We weren't sure that we would be able to have dancing (turns out we did) and it was thanks to the Met Players that everyone had an absolute blast. Erin, Drew, and the entire band went out of their way to make it such a wonderful night; they're talented, enthusiastic, and genuinely want everyone to have a great time. I highly recommend The Met Players! 10/10

- Amy A, NY


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