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Mother / Son Dance Song Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

Cue the waterworks! The Mother/Son Dance is one of The Metropolitan Players’ favorite parts of a wedding reception, and you’ll likely see some misty eyes over on the bandstand when this part comes around!

When choosing a song for the Mother/Son dance, one option is to find a song that pulls from fond memories you have with your Mama, or that speaks to your relationship. If there was an artist you both loved listening to when you were growing up, consider choosing a song by that artist. Maybe there was a song you used to dance to in your living room, or a song your Mom played when you needed a pick-me-up.

If you’re not having luck choosing a song that ties to a memory, or that speaks to your relationship, you can look into songs that come from the point of view of a parent or caregiver, and mention sending their child off into the next chapter of their life, being proud of their child’s accomplishments, or being glad that they were along for their child’s journey thus far. This is the moment in the evening to celebrate a mother’s unconditional love and the bond you two share.

Make this special dance your own, and choose a song that captures your relationship with your mother, stepmother, or mother figure. “I Hope You Dance” and “My Wish” are tried and true selections that always make for a beautiful moment, while “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” might encourage a few joyful tears through the dancing! Whether you land on a tender ballad or something more uptempo, with a live band you have the opportunity to make a song faster, slower, or shorter to make this dance exactly as you dreamed!

Listen to our hand-picked Spotify Playlist here:

Classic Rock/Pop Rock





Big Band, Jazz, Lindys, and Standards


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