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Last Song of the Night Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

The last song of the night is exactly that - it’s the final song that’s played at the end of your reception! When choosing a last song, think about how you’d like you and your guests to remember the end of the night! Super hype? Or maybe a transition from high energy to a final slow, sentimental dance? It all works!

We personally suggest choosing something upbeat, a sing-along, or a tune that talks about the end of the night. If you absolutely want for the “last song” you choose to be the last one your guests hear, let the band know. Or if you’re OK with an encore after the last song is played - should your guests ask for one - let your band know that as well! We suggest allowing for an encore if you and/or your guests ask, and your venue is OK with it!

Listen to our hand-picked Spotify playlist here:

Top 40

Classic Rock/Pop Rock







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