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Jewish Wedding Ceremony Music Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

Whether you’re having a wedding ceremony that closely follows the rituals of a specific Jewish denomination, or a ceremony that could more appropriately be considered “Jew-ish,” incorporating traditional Jewish music in your ceremony is a powerful way to honor your faith. The Hora, arguably the most well-known (and in our opinion, most fun!) musical tradition of Jewish weddings typically doesn’t occur until the reception, so the ceremony provides a special opportunity to explore a vast library of slower, softer, and absolutely beautiful traditional Jewish music. These more reverent musical selections are particularly great for the processional. Many couples choose a song specifically for the wedding party and family processional, then a different song for bride, groom, or couple processional.

One of the most exciting moments of any Jewish wedding ceremony is the smashing of the glass, which also serves as the perfect opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the celebration with music! While some couples opt for an uptempo contemporary song that is meaningful to them here, many choose a traditional favorite like Siman Tov U Mazal Tov. This tune is upbeat and joyous, yet helps maintain a more traditional feel during the ceremony. The Metropolitan Players are often asked to facilitate this musical moment, helping to lead all wedding guests in a rousing choral rendition of this classic!

Whichever musical direction you decide to take your ceremony, we hope this list of traditional instrumental songs and sung Jewish hymns will give you a great place to start:




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