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First Dance Song Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

The Metropolitan Players Wedding Song Spotify Playlist

The Wedding Song, also known as the First Dance, is the first dance you and your new spouse will share together as a married couple. It’s a really special moment, and one that you’ll be able to cherish for the rest of your lives. When choosing your first dance song, there are a few directions you can go! If you have a particular song that is special to you, or that you already consider “your song,” that may be a great option. Maybe you can choose the song that played at the restaurant on your first date, or the song that was playing the first time you kissed.

If you don’t already have a special song in mind, or one that is tied to a specific memory, look for a song that has lyrics that are meaningful to your relationship. If you’ve come out of some really hard times together and want to honor that, find a song that focuses on that story. If you fell in love the first time you laid eyes on each other, look for a song that talks about love at first sight!

And if you still need some inspiration, or don’t have a clear direction, go on a deep dive into the sea of love songs! Find a song that talks about a love that will last forever, or one that shares feelings about the first time you saw the other person.

Listen to our hand-picked Spotify playlist here:

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