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Father / Daughter Dance Song Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

The Father/Daughter dance is typically shared between a daughter (the bride) and her father, stepfather, or father figure. It’s a beautiful and emotional moment of the reception, and it’s a great opportunity to choose a piece of music that captures the unique relationship you share with your father, stepfather, or father figure.

In terms of song selection, one option is to find a song that ties to a memory you have with this person. Maybe there was a particular artist you both loved when you were growing up, a song you always played on long car rides together, or a song that was sung to you as a child before bed. Pulling from fond memories or parts of your relationship is a great way to choose a meaningful song for the Father/Daughter dance.

If you don’t have a particular song, memory, or artist in mind, you can approach the Father/Daughter dance selection from another perspective! Some of the most common Father/Daughter dance song selections come from the point of view of a parent or caregiver, and mention sending their child off into the next chapter of their life, being proud of their child’s accomplishments, or being glad that they were along for their child’s journey thus far.

All of that said, it’s important to remember that this dance is about your relationship, and it can be anything you want it to be. Just because a song or type of song is “common” or “traditional” doesn’t mean you have to choose it! Make the special dances at your wedding your own!

If you’re looking for something slower, ”Butterfly Kisses” and “What A Wonderful World” are undeniable classics. If you’d like to pick up the tempo, or prefer something a little less sentimental, “Brown Eyed Girl” and “How Sweet It Is” are pure, feel-good fun.

The Metropolitan Players once performed a wedding where the Father/Daughter dance transitioned from “Isn’t She Lovely” to DJ Khaled's “All I Do Is Win”! We’ll never forget the incredible choreographed dance the Bride and her father performed. When it comes to song selection, what's most important is to choose a song that’s fitting to your relationship with the special person you’re dancing with. And with a live band, you have the opportunity to make a song faster, slower, or shorter to fit your vibe!

Listen to our hand-picked Spotify Playlist here:

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