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Ceremony Recessional Contemporary Music Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

The wedding Ceremony is typically bookended by three song selections: the wedding party/family Processional followed by the bride, groom, or couple Processional, and finally the Recessional at the end of the Ceremony. This last musical selection accompanies the couple, members of the wedding party, and family as they leave the ceremony space.

Many of the couples we work with don’t have a meaningful connection to Classical or Traditional music, yet feel pressured by tradition to choose music in that style. Don’t forget - this is your day, and you should choose music you love! Often, this means exploring Contemporary music, which we define as any song composed in the last 100 years.

For The Metropolitan Players, Recessional music is all about pure joy! You’ve just exchanged vows, rings, and married the love of your life! The music that sends you out of the ceremony space and into the rest of your lives together should reflect that. What song do you and your partner love dancing to together? What song fills you with happiness? Choose that song! We hope the song selections we’ve listed below will inspire you to find that perfect Recessional song!

Listen to our hand-picked Spotify playlist here:



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