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Ceremony Recessional Classical and Traditional Music Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

When it comes to the Ceremony, most couples will choose three separate songs: the wedding party/family processional, the bride, groom, or couple processional, and the recessional. The recessional song refers to the music that is played at the end of the ceremony, after you’ve said your vows, exchanged rings, and made it official! This music accompanies the couple, members of the wedding party, and family as they walk back up the aisle and out of the ceremony space.

Classical, Traditional, or Traditional-sounding Recessional music is typically at a faster tempo than Processional music choices, and sounds joyful, uplifting, and triumphant. The energy of your Recessional music compliments the celebration of the marriage vows you’ve just exchanged, and sets the perfect vibe to send you and your guests into the cocktail hour and reception!

Listen to our hand-picked Spotify playlist here:



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