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Cake Cutting Song Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

The cake cutting is a fun tradition where you and your sweetheart get to cut the cake together before it is served to your wedding guests! Some say this tradition symbolizes your first activity together as a married couple, some believe cutting the cake together symbolizes support for one another, and others believe cutting the bottom tier of a layered cake symbolizes the longevity of the marriage.

So whether you decide to cut the cake for a particular symbolic purpose, or solely for the sake of tradition - or even just because you love cake - the music performed during the cake cutting can be a lot of fun to choose!

This is a great opportunity to incorporate a favorite song you can’t seem to find another place for in your reception, a song that is sentimental to you and your partner (this could be a runner-up for first dance song, or a parents’ first dance song!), or a song that references sugar, desserts, or sweets.

Listen to our hand-picked Spotify playlist here:

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Big Band, Jazz, Lindys, & Standards


Classic Rock/PopRock



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