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The Met Players Feature on the Every Day I’m Bustlin’ Podcast!

We are so excited to share that founders Drew & Erin Coles were featured on the Every Day I’m Bustlin’ Podcast!

Every Day I’m Bustlin’ is the go-to wedding planning podcast where couples can find wedding planning tips and tricks straight from the professionals. Husband and wife team and Bustld co-founders Ryan and Samie Roberts guide couples through all things wedding planning related, while keeping things fun along the way. Samie’s knowledge and experience as a wedding planner gives couples inside access to advice they might not otherwise have, while Ryan asks the questions couples might not know to ask!

Erin & Drew were asked to come in for an exclusive interview with Samie to chat all about wedding music! Drew & Erin talk about why they only play weddings, the Met Players process when working with couples, and they offer lots of great advice on how couples can choose music for their wedding!

Take a listen to this exclusive episode wherever you listen to podcasts!

You can also find a full FAQ Article HERE, and a Top Takeaways Article HERE!

Sending a huge thanks to Samie and Ryan for having us!


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