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Featured in the New York Times!

We are so honored that our founders, Drew & Erin Coles, were featured in the New York Times Column It’s No Secret in an article entitled Becoming Teammates in Life and Business.

Drew & Erin were interviewed by popular New York Times contributor, Alix Strauss, all about their love story. They dive deep into how they met, how their first kiss felt like a movie, how they’ve navigated challenges together, and how their relationship and marriage has come out even stronger on the other side.

Drew & Erin planned their own wedding together while they were also building The Metropolitan Players. They deeply understand the couples’ experience as they navigate the planning process, and have become friends with and confidantes for many couples over the past 8 years. Their kindness and expert guidance has helped create countless musical memories, and they’re looking forward to creating many more!

Check out the full article over on The New York Times!


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