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Metropolitan Players Wedding Spotlight: Stacy & Tim

Photo by Blazej Sendzielski of Ein Photography

Stacy and Tim got married in October 2016 at the Tam O’Shanter Club in Brookville, NY.

It’s not very often that we get to play a wedding for one of our very own Met Players, but when that chance arises, we can’t help but get extra excited! When Tim, one of our amazing bass players, proposed to Stacy, we knew we were gearing up for quite a party, and we were not disappointed!

Aside from playing the wedding of one of our own - our favorite musical memory was Tim and Stacy's entrance into the reception, which went right into their first dance. They entered and danced to "You Make My Dreams Come True," by Hall & Oates, and it was impeccably choreographed. Immediately after their first dance, we played the Hora and the dance floor was PACKED. It was a true party from moment one!

We had a blast the whole night, and we have loved watching Stacy and Tim’s family grow ever since!

Photo by Blazej Sendzielski of Ein Photography

Now let’s hear from Stacy and Tim!

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

Stacy & Tim: Our ridiculous, choreographed first dance.

What was the best part about working with the Met Players?

Stacy & Tim: The energy, guest interaction, passion, learning requested songs, sticking to a schedule, smooth collaboration with venue, flexibility, TALENT!

Why did you choose a band over a DJ?

Stacy & Tim: Nothing compares to a live band, especially when that band is the Met Players.

What is your best wedding planning advice?

Stacy & Tim: Have a sense of humor about it all - buy our friend Laura's spoof book “I AM BRIDE” for perspective. :)

Do you have any marriage advice you’d like to share?

Stacy & Tim: Keep dancing together, always :)

What have you been up to since your wedding? Any milestones?

Stacy & Tim: We had twin boys, Benji and Jet, who turned two in December!

Stacy, Tim, Benji, and Jet
Photo by Marques Walls

Is there anything else you'd like to share!?

Stacy & Tim: We LOVE the Met Players - you made our wedding and we've recommended you again and again to everyone we know getting married!

Goodness, we just love these two! Stacy and Tim, thank you so much for gifting us with these amazing memories. We love making each wedding special, and we're grateful that you trusted us with your wedding day!

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