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Metropolitan Players Wedding Spotlight: Katie & Scott

Katie and Scott at Mount Snow in VT for their wedding
Photo by Walker Wedding Group

Katie and Scott got married in October 2016 at Mount Snow Grand Summit Resort in West Dover, VT.

This wedding was extra special because our co-founders Erin and Drew went to college with Katie and Scott! And even more fun - Katie and Erin were in an a cappella group together! After Katie and Scott attended Drew & Erin’s wedding as guests, they knew right away they wanted The Metropolitan Players at their own wedding!

Not only was it a picture perfect wedding in the mountains at a beautiful resort up in Vermont, it was also a downright party from beginning to end! Since Katie is a musician herself, a majority of the guests were musicians, too! Her highschool friend Matt even jumped up on stage to play a song with us and his drum solo was epic!

What a truly awesome and unforgettable day with Katie and Scott!

Dancing at Katie and Scott's Wedding
Photo by Walker Wedding Group

Now let’s hear from Katie & Scott!

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

Katie & Scott: The beautiful weather and the love we felt from ALL members of our closest friends and family! We loved having people from every corner of our lives in the same place to celebrate together.

What was the best part about working with the Met Players?

Katie & Scott: The Met Players brought the party! Erin was beyond communicative, Chris did a fantastic job documenting the action, and of course, the musicians made the night. I loved that they were able to cater to all of our music requests and to all ages and genres at our wedding.

Why did you choose a band over a DJ?

Katie & Scott: A band brings so much more energy than a DJ. In addition, if you don't like the DJ's personality, energy or announcement style, it can be a real downer. I had seen the Met Players at founders Erin & Drew Coles's wedding and fell in love.

What is your best wedding planning advice?

Katie & Scott: We were given the advice to choose one or two aspects of the wedding day that meant a lot to us and "splurge" on those things, and that the rest of the aspects will fall into place. This was a huge help for us! The Met Players were one of our top priorities: We wanted to have a GREAT band that would energize the reception!

Do you have any marriage advice you’d like to share?

Katie & Scott: Your relationship is always changing with each day, month, year, and it's important to recognize the ways you learn and grow together and as individuals. It's also important to talk about the things you don't want to talk about, and to be honest and respectful, as well as forgiving when there are moments that you lose your temper. Not going to bed angry has been good for us. Don't let difficult topics sit unresolved for long!

What have you been up to since your wedding? Any milestones?

Katie & Scott: Since our wedding day, we've moved four times, driven our cars across the country multiple times and we took a late honeymoon to Europe! Since we've been married, we've lived in apartments in Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, and now Chicago, and spent entire summers in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts and Santa Fe. Although there are no new babies to speak of (yet), we've added a furry family member to our lives: Hazel! She's a Maltese-Yorkshire terrier mix, and she's about a year old and FULL of energy. We've also made significant strides in our career paths. Scott started his own business in the fall of 2017 in the world of bookkeeping, accounting and finance and has exciting plans in store. I have worked to further my career in opera, having completed residencies in programs at Opera Colorado, Tanglewood Music Festival, Arizona Opera, Santa Fe Opera, and now the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and won several prestigious competitions. We stay busy and active but are looking forward to making our home in Chicago last a bit longer, and to continue to support our dreams and plan for the future.

Is there anything else you'd like to share!?

Katie & Scott: Thank you for all you do for happy couples!

Awwww, you’re making us blush! Katie and Scott - we can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was to celebrate with you on your wedding day. Thank you for your amazing words and advice for our couples! We are so proud of what you two have accomplished in the past four years, and we can’t wait to see where the rest of life takes you!

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Katie & Scott's wedding photos featured in this post are from Walker Wedding Group


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