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Met Player Favorites - Spotify Playlist

The Met Players have been fortunate to be part of so many couple’s special days, and after so many years and hundreds of weddings, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite songs!!

In our humble and professional opinion, it’s important to play a diverse set of songs throughout the night, so that you and all of your guests hear something they love. Our goal is to make sure that your little niece has something to dance to and your grandma does too! That’s why our full song list is so extensive, and also why our favorites span across several genres.

We hope you enjoy this playlist of Met Player favorites that will take you through decades of beloved artists and musical styles. We’ve found that these songs never fail to get guests on the dance floor and elevate the energy of the wedding reception! This list is always growing, so make sure to save it and check back often!

Listen to our hand-picked Spotify Playlist here:

Top 40

Classic Rock/Pop Rock





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Aug 15, 2021

Great reeading your blog

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