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The Met Players & Our Founders!

Oh hey - welcome to the new Met Players blog! 🎉 We’re so glad you found your way here, and we can’t wait to share lots of stories with you! You’ll hear about some of our most amazing wedding memories, funny situations we’ve been in, our coolest clients, learn about some of the kick-butt vendors we love the most - and you’ll even get some musical tips (like how to choose your special dance songs, or how much musical control you should relinquish to your band).

But before we hit you with all of the stories and info we’ve gathered over the years - we’d love to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves! We are the Metropolitan Players! Here are a few fun facts about us:

1. We’re a wedding band through and through. Seriously, we only play weddings because we love them - and because of that, we’ve become experts at how to make each and every wedding day unique, fun, and memorable.

2. Each and every player is carefully hand-selected by our founders, not only based on talent, but based on positivity, love, and a true passion for what they do.

3. The couples we work with are truly amazing, and become part of our family. We experience pure joy continuing relationships with our clients, and watching their love and families grow (all the pictures of babies and puppies we get make us smile from ear to ear, and sometimes cry with joy).

4. Our founders started the Met Players for their own wedding, with the goal of growing the band into something bigger than they ever imagined.

Founders Drew & Erin Coles

Speaking of our founders, how’d you like to learn a little about them!?!

Our founders, Drew and Erin, are the husband and wife team behind the band. When Drew and Erin were planning their own wedding, being musicians and music lovers themselves, they couldn’t find a band that met their very high standards. So the idea of the Met Players was born!

They sat together in their Astoria NYC apartment, sipping on their favorite beers, dreaming of what they could accomplish by creating their very own band, not only for their own wedding, but for hundreds of weddings. It was such a thrill to think about sharing their love of music, as well as their care, attention, and love of people with so many couples celebrating their personal love stories.

And not only did they love music, they had the street cred to back it up! Each with an MBA under their belt, and years of formal musical training, they got to work on a business plan, and just hit the ground running. Almost 7 years later, they’ve built a company and team (that is really more of a family) that they proudly watch grow together with each passing month and year.

The Met Players is a band built on love, and as partners in business as well as partners in life, Drew and Erin firmly uphold that love is love. They love being part of the celebration that brings two families together, and with every new couple, the Met Player family grows and new musical memories are made!

We really can’t wait to share all of the fun things we do with you. We think everyone deserves a little piece of the fun we experience every week! So follow along, and we promise to keep you entertained.


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