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Cuomo Announces Weddings in NYS Can Resume at 50% Capacity, Up to 150 Guests!

Bride and Groom after ceremony at COVID Wedding in October on hilltop
Photo by Golden Hour Studios

On January 29, 2021, the wedding community in New York State got some great news! Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that weddings, with 50% of the venue’s capacity, or up to 150 people maximum, can resume on March 15th, 2021. All attendees must get a COVID-19 test, and the wedding plans must get approval from the local health department.

This announcement was made citing the success of pulling 7000 Buffalo Bills fans into the stadium for playoffs. All fans were required to get a COVID test, and were required to take part in contact tracing. With virtually no virus spread linked to the playoff games, confidence has grown that the same model can be implemented elsewhere.

Specific guidelines have not yet been released (as of the date of this post) - like the logistics of getting everyone tested, or the requirements to get your plans approved. But given New York State is using The Bills as their guidepost, we can assume that COVID safety protocols will still be required. And by COVID safety protocols we mean mask wearing, social distancing, sanitization requirements, air filtration requirements, etc.

And although this is just a guess at this point, we imagine that surrounding states like New Jersey and Connecticut will follow suit if NYS is successful in this endeavor!

We’ll continue to keep you posted, and will work with our couples closely over the next several months as new information is released. And until the full set of guidelines is released, we wanted to provide you with some information, advice, and ideas on how to plan a wedding during COVID!

Download our COVID Wedding Planning Guide for more insights and information!

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