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COVID Wedding Planning with The Met Players & The Union Stuido

The Metropolitan Players Co-Founder Erin Coles and Union Studio Founder Amanda O'Callaghan put their heads together to offer advice to couples planning their weddings during COVID.

They wrote a joint blog post called WEDDING SAFETY & COVID-19 INSIGHTS WITH THE METROPOLITAN PLAYERS, then they jumped on Instagram Live to chat a little more, and offer some advice! Check it out!!

Need more COVID planning resources!? Check out the following info and posts The Metropolitan Players have created just for you!

Planning a Wedding During COVID (Met Player Monday Video & Blog Post!!)

COVID Travel Guide and Safety Tips

Please check out Jennifer Larsen Photography, who took all of the photos featured in the joint blog post with The Union Studio, as well as the photo at the top of this post! She's amazing, and captured this COVID wedding so well!

And lastly, remember that you got this! Planning right now is hard, but we're here to help! Don't forget to lean on us if you need us. Happy planning!


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