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LOVE PREVAILS! The Met Players Perform a Virtual Wedding Ceremony!

In these very uncertain times, with COVID-19 at the forefront of every conversation, and the first thing on everyone’s mind, we’re trying to focus on the silver linings! As our very full Spring and Summer season is getting pushed back - and more weddings are getting postponed and canceled daily - we’re incredibly thankful for the positivity and kindness of our couples who are taking things in stride. And today, we’re so excited to highlight one of our beautiful couples - Lindsey and Seth - who have been such a bright light, and a much-needed silver lining during this time! Lindsey and Seth had planned a big celebration in New Jersey for April 19th, 2020 - and The Metropolitan Players were all set to be part of their ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. The full band was so excited to party with them all night long - but the world had different plans. They had to make the tough decision to postpone their large wedding celebration to a later date. However, after already waiting for so long, they were determined to get married on their original wedding date. So with the help of their families, they planned a virtual social distancing-approved ceremony in Lindsey‘s grandparent’s driveway. Mayor Vergano, the mayor for Wayne Township, NJ, agreed to perform their wedding ceremony on their original date, and Drew (co-founder and Musical Director of the Met Players) offered to play their ceremony virtually.

Over the past many months, we have been working with Lindsey, Seth, Lindsey‘s mother, Julie and sister Lauren - and their entire family very closely. In the wake of this craziness, an amazing bond and relationship was formed with the whole family. Our sentimental hearts were touched by how special this moment was - and it was the reminder we needed that through all of this, love prevails! While such a difficult, heartbreaking, and time-stopping pandemic can make us feel uncertain and anxious - we’re so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share in the celebration of love. It’s a reminder that our current circumstance is temporary, and we WILL be back in action in person (as soon as we can be) celebrating love again. This virtual ceremony is something we’ll never forget, and we hope it brings a smile to your face! And to all the couples who have been affected by the current circumstances, our heart aches for you and we are sending our love and support your way. We know this isn't easy, but we're here for you in any way we can be.


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