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Christian and Catholic Wedding Ceremony Music Inspiration - Spotify Playlist

For many of our couples, a wedding ceremony that incorporates their Christian faith is of crucial importance, and this choice provides an exciting opportunity to explore a massive library of beautiful religious music. Perhaps your ceremony is not overtly religious, but you’d still like to represent your faith through music. Or perhaps your ceremony is very traditional, and incorporates certain religious rituals (taking communion, for example, or the lighting of The Unity Candle) that provide multiple opportunities for different pieces of music. There are so many reasons a couple may opt to underscore their wedding ceremony with faith-based music, and the ways in which you do so are completely up to you!

Although Christian music spans all genres, from Pop to Country and beyond, this playlist mainly focuses on Hymns, religious Classical, and religious Traditional (or Traditional-sounding) music. It’s important to note that for some faith-based wedding ceremonies, and in some churches, only certain music selections are allowed. Be sure to ask your church or officiant about their individual policy, as in these cases it will be necessary to have any ceremony music you choose to be approved in advance.

Please enjoy this hand-picked Spotify playlist of gorgeous religious music selections:



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